Bill of Rights
Updated: 10/27/2020
Bill of Rights

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  • remember, as long as it does not hurt anyone!
  • The First Amendment
  • I do not think that the congress made the right dission on that new law.
  • Yes me too
  • I am just so happy we have the right to say what we think is not right
  • The Second Amendment
  • It is my right to own a weapon, and to defend my self and my store.
  • Wait, why do you have a gun?!
  • The Third Amendment
  • Is it ok if I stay the night?
  • Yes of course! This war is brutal!
  • You have the right to say whatever you want, write whatever you want, and practice whatever religion you want, you tell the people that run our country what they are doing wrong. You can do all these things as long as you do not hurt anyone.
  • The Fourth Amendment
  • What! Why? You can't do that!
  • Actually we can do that, we have a warrant
  • Adults can have weapons to defend themselves selves such as guns.
  • The Fith Amendment
  • Soldiers are not allowed to stay in people’s houses unless they have their permission, or if it is a time of war.
  • The Sixth Amendment
  • State your name and position
  • Mary, witness
  • Mam' we have to search your house.
  • If the police wanted to search your house they would need a special document called a search warrant. However, they can only get a search warrant from a judge.
  • Citizens can not be tried for the same crime twice, and not be forced to say anything that can be used against you in the court of law.
  • Sir, you are suspected of a federal crime, tell me what happened.
  • I will wait for my lawyer before I say anything.
  • People have the right to a fair public trial with a witness, and lawyer, which is someone who can defend you.
  • Lets make sure everyone is here for the case
  • Jury is here!
  • Carol, lawyer
  • Tommy, suspect
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