The Water Cycle
Updated: 1/27/2020
The Water Cycle
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  • Precipitation
  • Or in other words, rain is where the water cycle starts.
  • This is when the sun heats up water to the point to where it forms into a gas
  • Next step evaporation
  • After that is Condensation
  • Condensation is the left over residue or water droplets after evaporation. For example, the water droplets left on a window, or the leftover dew in the grass.
  • This is where water vapor is discharged from the roots of a plant and released into the air
  • Next up transpiration
  • After that is sublimation
  • This is the process in which a solid converts directly into a gas without going through the liquid phase. An example would be ice, while ice usually melts and becomes a liquid it can sometimes convert directly into a gas
  • Deposition is where a gas turns directly to a solid without passing through the liquid phase. An example of this would be sub-freezing air.
  • The last step is deposition
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