Secret History
Updated: 12/9/2020
Secret History

Storyboard Text

  • When Qasar, kneeling before Činggis Qa’an, told him that he had been beaten by the seven Qongqotan who had ganged up against him, Činggis Qa’an was angry about other matters.
  • Činggis Qa’an that night rode off to seize Qasar.
  • When he left, Güčü and Kököčü informed the mother that he had gone to seize Qasar.
  • When the mother heard this, straightaway – it was still night – she harnessed a white camel and set out in a black covered cart, travelling all night.
  • On her arrival at sunrise, Činggis Qa’an had tied up the opening of Qasar’s sleeves, removed his hat and belt, and was interrogating him. Činggis Qa’an, surprised by the mother descending upon him, became afraid of her.
  • The mother was furious. As soon as she got there and dismounted from the cart, she herself untied and loosened Qasar’s sleeves, the opening of which had been tied up, and gave back to Qasar his hat and belt. The mother was so angered that she was unable to contain her fury.