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Instruction Video Storyboard
Updated: 10/19/2018
Instruction Video Storyboard
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  • Camera angle= Wide shot
  • 'Have you been struggling to get past the defense on the court?' Player nods their head 'Well this is the video for you, today I'll be showing you 5 moves which will be scoring you points in no time!' Throw the player the ball. 'Lets get started'
  • Music= Lighthearted music
  • 'Well your going to need only 3 things' Show a basketball 'A basketball' Show a hoop 'A hoop" Show the player 'And some prior basketball experience'
  • Camera angle= Close ups
  • Music=remember the name
  • 'Well any good player trains themselves for any situation, so let's start with you bringing the ball up from halfcourt down by 1 with 10 seconds to go and you need points fast'
  • Show long shot of you running up the court, then a close up looking at the clock and score (then show score)
  • Show wide shot behind me talking through the move
  • 'The hesitation move, its one which has to be used quick and fast' (Demonstrate and talk through it) Then show video of me doing it in a game
  • 'Next up the foot tap, this is cool to be used in any pickup game or fun one and can put a player off balance with ease' (Demonstrate and talk through it) Then show video of me doing it in a game
  • Wide shot of defender and attacker
  • Wide shot 
  • 'Now we're building our selection lets go to a move which can get you space or drive, this one is the curry cross' Explain the move. 'So now that we've got this move down pat it's important to know when we should shoot or drive and this is all wether the defender plays up or prepares for a drive.' Show me doing it
  • Long shot into wide shot
  • 'Alright, our 4th move this one is the hesitation jab and can get a lot of defenders.' Explain the move. Show me doing it in a game.
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