Locked In Time

Updated: 5/21/2020
Locked In Time

Storyboard Text

  • You've said quite enough, Nore. Despite what you may think, you are not too old to be sent to your room. I want you to go upstairs and stay there until dinnertime. When you come down, you're going to apologize to both Lisette and Josie
  • Oh, Chuck! How can she say such things! I've tried so hard to get her to like me!
  • Over my dead body!
  • Halfway up the stairs before I realized the significance of what I'd said. When I did a shiver ran through me as if I`d suddenly been hit by a blast of icy air.
  • I have finally found the information I was looking for!
  • No, im not, Not until Dad agrees to go with me, which he will very soon.go stick that money in your dear mothers purse.
  • so your not going to go..
  • I didnt have to turn on the light to locate Lisettes purse.I groped down into its depths until my hand closed around what I came for - a metal ring that held a large assortment of keys.
  • Tonight, I told myself, I, too, would learn that secret. for some undefined reason, I was filled with a strange uncertainty that somewhere within the cabin that Lisette used as a storage room was something to explain the unexplainable.