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A Meal You Cooked Which Turned Out With Unexpected Results
Updated: 3/26/2019
A Meal You Cooked Which Turned Out With Unexpected Results
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  • Introduction
  • I'll try flaming something on a pan!
  • Problem
  • Series of Events
  • It was a frigid weekend afternoon, I was preparing for the gathering later that night. My relatives were coming over from China for a visit and I was supposed to cook in celebration for their arrival. I had been attending a culinary class for the past year and was usually the cook for my family. I decided to try flaming something in a pan.
  • Climax
  • I accidentally spilled high proof rum all over the stove while trying to tip the pan into the flame enough to ignite it. When all of a sudden, the fire alarm sounded and the fire went out of control. Oil spilled on the counter and it was set on fire.
  • Resolution
  • '’Beep ...beep...beep" The high-pitched beeping of the fire alarm echoed through the air, my mother burst into the kitchen carrying a fire extinguisher. There was a cacophony of noises as the panicked screams of family members mixed with that of the fire alarm as they all rushed into the kitchen. Realizing the danger, we all rushed out.
  • Conclusion
  • One of my relatives quickly called the fire department. After 5 minutes, fire trucks pulled up at the pavement. The firefighters hastily pulled out their fire hoses and sprayed white firefighting liquid on the house dousing the flames in a matter of minutes.
  • That night, I changed my clothes and we all went out for dinner as I apologised profusely for setting the house on fire. I knew that a simple apology would not cool her down. My mother had a fiery temper and it was not easy to calm her down. I got an earful that night and it caused thousands of dollars to repair the house.
  • I'm sorry...
  • After this incident, I will always be cautious when cooking and pay attention so that this incident will never repeat itself.
  • I will never make this mistake again!
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