Marijuana Storyboard Assignment
Updated: 4/1/2021
Marijuana Storyboard Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Drug Prevention High
  • Hey look at those kids over there!
  • Let's try and get them to do drugs!
  • Some teenagers might do drugs and alcohol because it's "cool", they want to make friends, or because they might want to use it as an excuse to help deal with personal issues. Some people just don't think that it's bad. Drugs ARE bad, and they can ruin your whole life.
  • Come on! It will be fun! Just think about it and tell us you decision after school.
  • Sorry, but we're good.
  • Hey! Do you guys want to try a blunt?
  • If anyone ever tries offering you marijuana or tobacco product, politely decline, and remember- you always have a choice.
  • Should we do it? I mean, we are the outcasts of the school. It might help us become friends with the other kids.
  • I don't know. Let's go talk to the counselor about it and see if she can give us some guidance.
  • Hey guys. We thought about your offer and we would like to decline. Drugs aren't good for you, and if you were smart, you would stop using them and quit.
  • Thank you for the advice!