Dynasty comic test
Updated: 3/13/2020
Dynasty comic test

Storyboard Text

  • We are the Xia Dynasty we are here for one and only one reason to rule.
  • What are we to do Yu the Great, the Shang Dynasty is attacking
  • I will fall with you my beloved Dynasty
  • What will we do without you
  • We are the Shang Dynasty we beat one dynasty so we will beat all dynasties
  • We will take our chariots and bronze weapons to battle.
  • The Xia Dynasty was one of the fist dynasties in China. The Xia like all the dynasties had some leaders. The most commonly know leader of the Xia was Yu the Great.
  • I killed the ruler of the Shang so I am going to take over and become the ruler of the Zhou dynasty
  • The Xia Dynasty ruled from 2000 B.C. 1600 B.C. There rule eventually fell when the Shang Dynasty attacked them. The Shang dynasty had better weaponry so the Xia dynasty fell.
  • The Qin dynasty is taking over but I must not fight or I will get hurt. I shall tell my soldiers to leave immediately
  • Since the Xia dynasty fell because the Shang dynasty beat them the Shang rose to power. The leader of the Shang dynasty was Tang the Successful.
  • Go attack the Qin and destroy them
  • Yes Sir!!!!
  • The Shang dynasty was famous for it's achievment of using bronze weapons, war chariots, and Bow and Arrows. Their rule started in 1600 B.C. to 1050 B.C. Even with all this the Zhou dynasty won.
  • .The Zhou dynasty got to power they started there rule in 1050 B.C. and fell in 256 B.C. You might think that it was a long time, it was but to the Zhou dynasty it felt like a split second.
  • The Zhou was a powerful dynasty one of it's most known leaders was king You. King You was the 12th king of the Zhou dynasty. Since back then no dynasties had two successful battles. the dynasty fell.