Fever 1793
Updated: 3/16/2021
Fever 1793

Storyboard Description

The Coffee House Tragedy Grandfather and Mattie had just got back from Bush Hill and had arrived at the coffee house. It was in the night Grandfather was sleeping upstairs, and Mattie was sleeping downstairs. Boom, crash two men had just rushed in. Mattie went to hide in the corner . As they ruffled through the stuff they got closer and closer “AHA” said the big man they had found me. The big man and the other guy put Mattie on the wall “where's the money box” the big man said angrily. Slap, slap he hit Mattie all the sudden Grandfather came down with his musket “Put her down” he said. Boom! He missed the musket, kicked hard and put Grandfather to the ground. The big man rushed over and started punching Grandfather. Boom boom. As the little man told the big man to stop. Mattie said, “Stop!” he did not listen so she sliced him with the sword. The little man ran off. “No Grandfather, don't go.” pleaded Mattie. Grandfather was dead.

Storyboard Text

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Rhhhhh those filthy thief's
  • LET HER GOO!!!!!!!!