The Seven Years War Pt. 2
Updated: 3/29/2021
The Seven Years War Pt. 2

Storyboard Text

  • I'm William Pitt! I'm totally obsessed with the idea of defeating France.
  • And I'm James Wolfe! Young and wreckless!
  • I'm General Amherst; a very cautious man.
  • British Attacks
  • We just have to wear them down... wait, what is happening?
  • Qui est la?(who's there?)
  • Francais!
  • D'accord.(okay.)
  • - William Pitt - Prime minister of Great Britain- Genereal Amherst - commander-in-chief for NA operations- James Wolfe - 32 year-old first independent command
  • - Quebec is perched on towering cliffs and did not believe the cannons could not reach - British take south shore of St. Lawrence across from the city- The Great Bombardment begins and cannons & fire rain down on Quebec
  • ?
  • - Wolfe makes one last attempt before leaving- On a moonless night, Sep. 13, 1759, Wolfe and the troops land in a cove and climbs up to Plains of Abraham
  • Mom, will we lose our rights?
  • No, no, it'll be fine. We allowed to keep our beliefs, culture, land and property.
  • - Wolfe positions over 4500 troops on Plains of Abraham- French shot too early and misses the British- The battle only lasted 15 minutes- British wait until the French are close enough and fire- French run away
  • - Moncalm is hit in the stomach; would later die- Wolfe is hit three times and dies in the field- Vaudreuil panicked- Commander inside the walls left with no instructions and surrenders 5 days later
  • - New France surrenders Montreal, Quebec City and Signal Hill- France not worried about loss- In February 10, 1763 (Treaty of Paris), French gave up control of: Canada (St. Lawrence area), all of Acadia, Ohio Valley and Great lakes, and French Louisiana
  • That's a relief, at least.