English Marigold story

Updated: 8/31/2021
English Marigold story

Storyboard Text

  • I can cant believe that Joey thought it would be a good idea to destroy my freaking necklace that I got for my first birthday
  • He's so inconsiderate knowing how important that necklace is to me 
  • Oh my, it's Miss. Lottie's house. I wonder if she still lives here 
  • I should go see if she still lives here so I can apologize for what I did when I was young because now that I think about maybe those marigold flower could have meant what my necklace meant to me 
  • About that I wanted to apologize about that because I recently had something of mine destroyed like your marigolds and now I realized how inconsiderate of your feeling and such
  • I'm Lizabeth. You may not remember but I used to live 
  • Child listen here that was long ago and I appreciate the fact that your trying to apologize for your wrong doing and for that I forgive you
  • Oh I remember you, you're one of the kids who destroyed my precious marigolds
  • Who are you?