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Tech assignment
Updated: 3/26/2020
Tech assignment
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  • Meet Diabe, a lifelong dust allergy patient. She is 36 years old working at Walmart as a web-developer earning an annual salary of $76,000. Diabe lives in a house in Mississauga with her two children Stevia and Splenda who are in daycare.
  • Spenda and Stevia can now spend quality time with their cool mother Daibe.
  • Solution 2
  • Dust allergy-related mood swings always aggravated Daibe's anger which created rifts in her family.
  • Cannot focus on her work because of allergies which affected her performance at work and added more stress on her.
  • However Daibe hasProblems
  • Daibe and her family are always happy and cheerful. Daibe can socialize with friends and family because she does not have to worry about allergies again.
  • Solution 3
  • CoolCarpet is an innovative product meant to make homes allergy-free and dust-free by taking advantage of state of the art modern technology. A special material was invented in the process of creating CoolCarpet called Technomicrofiber. Technomicrofiber is a special material that makes it possible to keep track of every spec of dust that falls on the carpet that communicates the level of dust to all connected devices. A special app was developed that provides a detailed report on dust levels and the cleanliness of the carpet in realtime. The carpet can be cleaned manually using a hoover or automatically by connecting to a iRobot Roomba. If the carpet was not connected to Roomba then it would still send a notification to all the devices to notify when is the right time to clean the carpet before reaching allergy-levels. The carpet can be connected to all the devices by simply long-pressing a button for 10 seconds via Bluetooth.
  • Diabe's allergies inhibited her from socializing with others which resulted in depression.
  • Daibe's SecondProblem
  • Realtime reports
  • Peace Of mind. Never worry about Allergies again
  • Dust allergy-related mood swings always aggravated Daibe's anger which created rifts in her family.
  • Daibe's thirdProblem
  • Why CoolCarpet?
  • Interconnectivity
  • Please buy our products. This is the best way you can support us. To contact us email us on Follow us on our social media by clicking on the icons above
  • Our social media
  • Hi! My name is Kalpen.I have always wanted to own a carpet but was not able to because I am allergic to dust. Being a problem solver I thought to myself, what if I can make it possible for myself to own a carpet and still not have any dust allergies? Then I thought of an idea of creating a smart carpet that tells the iRobot to clean the carpet whenever the quantity of dust is almost at a level that can trigger allergies.
  • In 2019, Diabe received a promotion after ending the year as her company's top performer.
  • But now Daibe has CoolCarpet
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