Spanish American War - KP
Updated: 1/15/2021
Spanish American War - KP

Storyboard Text

  • Yellow Journalism
  • That is terrible! The Cubans need our help. This is not right.
  • The U.S.S Maine
  • President McKinley's Peace
  • No matter whatever happens. I am determined to keep our country out of war. We will help, but we will stay out of war.
  • One of the ways Cubans decided to get the American's attention was Cubans shared their stories and experiences that were going on throughout Cuba but exaggerated the truth to make the scenarios more dramatic. It definitely caught the American's attention and strengthened sympathy and feelings for the Cuban rebels.
  • The U.S demands to the Spanish
  • The U.S.S Maine was a United States Navy ship that was sent to the Havanah Harbour to patrol Cuba. Aboard, there was an unknown explosion-that was most likely caused by ammunition. The explosion led to over 250 sailors on board. But, the U.S decided to blame it on Spain to stir up drama.
  • The Treaty of Paris
  • No matter what happens the last thing President Mckinley wants to do is go to war. He wants to prevent it nomatter what. He announces that he wants to have peace.
  • Territory gained by the U.S
  • The U.S demands the Spanish to end the concentration camps and to make a truce with Cuba. The U.S says that they need to stop fighting and find a peaceful settlement to the crisis.
  • The United States signed the Treaty of Paris with Spain in December 1898. The treaty said that Cuba was independent and the camps would be stopped, and peace would be made.
  • Spain ended up giving up the Phillapines, Puerto Rico, and the Pasific Island of Gaum. It was then given to the United States hands.