chris and the island
Updated: 2/12/2021
chris and the island

Storyboard Text

  • its a beautiful day to day perfect for a tropic island hike!
  • I am awfully thirsty.
  • what a nice coconut... perfect condition !
  • this is such a cool island ! is that flowing water I hear? maybe a stream!
  • This is Chris. Chris lives on the island of Fish Ville, often Chris likes to sail his sailboat to close islands and hike around and explore. One very nice day Chris parked his sailboat on a very interesting island. Little did he know tables would turn fast. After walking along the beach he found a very ripe coconut!
  • Chris picks up the coconut and takes a look at it and admires its perfection. Not even minutes after being on land, Chris is getting awfully thirty in the very hot weather. Chris decides to explore more of the island and take his new coconut suvinear around with him.
  • As Chris treks through the beautiful island, he finds a path that he follows. On this path about mid-way through Chris hears the sound of a stream. Hoping to find a waterfall or a stream, Chris keeps walking toward the sound. By now, Chris is getting mighty dehydrated.
  • my stomach hurts, why am I sweating?? I feel nauseated...hold on...I can catch my breath!
  • Chris makes it to the beautiful waterfall on the island but by the time he makes it there, Chris is just so thirsty to the point he feels faint. Chris decides to take his coconut and drink the waterfall water to hold down his dehydration.
  • Sailing on the way home, Chris feels sick. He feels a massive headache, and he's starting to break out into a very unnormal sweat. His stomach feels sharp pains every other 10 minutes. Chris can barely fight to keep his eyes open...
  • Sure enough after docking his sailboat, Chris's symptoms are progressing downhill. He gets the chills, feels nauseated, feels sweat and minutes later can't catch his breath! Read the backstory on my ID card to find out the rest...