Meterology: Energy Transfer
Updated: 1/31/2020
Meterology: Energy Transfer
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  • Hello, I'm Chef Bailey! Today, I want to talk about things you should be aware of when in the kitchen or at the grill!
  • As you can see, my oven is on, and I'm boiling water. Whenever your hot oven is on, I recommend you to not touch it. The direct contact will cause a heat transfer from the hot oven to your hand. This is called conduction.
  • If you touch a hot stovetop, conduction will cause you to burn yourself.
  • And now as I pull out my turkey from my convection oven, we learn that the convection oven uses the convection mechanism which is a current that is set up when warm, less dense material rises, cools, becomes more dense and sinks.
  • Why don't we head outside to check on my steaks?
  • Ooh, yum! These are looking fabulous! Whew! It's a hot day! I better get back inside before I begin feeling the effects of radiation! Radiation, by the way, is heat transfer from the sun!
  • Bon Appétit!
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