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Updated: 9/26/2020
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  • When SJDBLS was a child, he was taught by his grandma the ways of prayer and complete reflection together with his siblings.
  • children, continue to pray and follow our traditions as a family for it will benefit you, your future, and everyone in the world
  • SJBDLS held his first mass together with his family and a lot of other people. With that, he has taught people to believe in God and to have faith in him for he is always there.
  • and with your Spirit!
  • and the Lord be with you,
  • SJBDLS has done a miracle to a young boy who had lung infections as well as lesions in the center part of his brain. His colleagues and a bunch of students continued to pray for him to be healed by SJBDLS in their small chapel. A few days later, the doctor came and he was shocked because the young boy, named Leopoldo, was completely cured.
  • I have been prayed to by many of your colleagues and pupils and i shall cure you
  • please, someone help cure me as there are many things i have yet to do for the lord.
  • At this point of life for SJBDLS, he has encountered some troubles. Throughout this time, the brothers were doubting his plan to move forward with the schools and his other endeavors. Despite this, he was able to move forward with his faith in God and the many realizations he made through this hardship.
  • how are we going to ensure the success and security of your plans? how can you relate since you've been rich your whole life.
  • I can ensure this because i have faith and trust in the Lord that he would do everything in his will to help people. And, I will donate my riches to the poor.
  • During this time, the Brothers and SJBDLS had a hard time continuing their plan of the schools since there were people who thought of them as inexperienced, competitors, and undisciplined (specifically SJBDLS). Also, he had to deal with disloyal and difficult brothers. With that he made a vow with two other trusted brothers and vowed that even in the midst of collapse, they'd stay strong and have faith in God no matter what.
  • how can we continue this plan of building schools when we are slowly collapsing and becoming unsuccessful?
  • We learn to become strong with God's love and never give up in what you want to achieve. Hard-work and determination is payed off especially by the Lord.
  • SJBDLS's hard work truly paid off because of his total faith in God and the people around him. Despite the struggles he had encountered throughout his life, he was still grateful to experience them til the end. He continued to teach young kids about prayer and gave wisdom to them. Although he was about to die, he was grateful he had people who supported him and never gave up.
  • it is because I adore inall things God’s will in my life.
  • if i had know that God would lead me to where i am now, i would have dropped the whole plan but God was gentle, leading me from one commitment toanother without me knowing in advance where the road would end.
  • but why still be grateful?
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