Sample 1
Updated: 2/21/2021
Sample 1

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Anisha, thanks for setting this 1-1, so how are you doing?
  • Good, its been more than a month so thought its a good time to chat
  • I knew it. This always had to start with negatives, ifs & buts
  • True, I see you have been doing a great job, but...
  • ..I dont see you're getting well with others in team esp. Proj lead
  • That's suprising, as we never had any hard time so far
  • Yes, its great working with them, id like to know what they say about working with me
  • That's good to know, but how's the team according to you?
  • Sounds good, why dont you see how better you can support the team
  • Sure, I'd like to know if I can take any trainings for better growth
  • Also, why you haven't you registered your self in any trainings?
  • I guess I have to work this out on my own