May Summary Comic
Updated: 5/27/2020
May Summary Comic
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  • The Winnie YearsEleven
  • Girls, should we talking about a birthday party and not doing our art?
  • It's going to be awesome, and my gift is gonna be the best one!
  • I can't wait for my 11th birthday party!
  • You know that Amanda likes me more than you? Right Amanda?
  • Umm... I don't know, Winnie's my friend too.
  • Gail, can't we be friends and both be friends with Amanda?
  • So, Winnie...
  • Book Title : ElevenBy : Lauren MyracleSeries : The Winnie Years
  • Good one Dinah!
  • Winnie and her best friend Amanda think that they'll never grow apart. However, next year at school...
  • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
  • I know it makes everyone laugh!
  • This year, there's a new girl named Gail. She did everything to take Amanda away from Winnie.
  • Then, Gail kind of won and got Amanda. However, Winnie's dads' boss has a daughter named Dinah and she and Winnie are in the same grade. They started to hang out, but Winnie still missed Amanda.
  • Eventually, as Winnie and Amanda grew apart, Dinah and Winnie grew together as friends, maybe even best friends. This was still a little hard for Winnie, she had always thought Amanda would be with her forever.
  • Winnie and Dinah were now best friends, and Gail had Amanda. Winnie thought she would never make another best friend like Amanda, but maybe she did.
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