Mice and Men
Updated: 12/19/2019
Mice and Men
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  • well i didn't mean nothing Slim I just asked you
  • Well you been asking too often im getting sick of it.
  • "You keep out of this unless you wanna step outside"
  • “ why don't you tell her to stay home"
  • Glove full of vaseline
  • what the hell you laughing at
  • Somebody gotta beat the hell outta you . I guess im elected.
  • (Laughs)
  • Curley comes to the bunkhouse and asks Slim if he has seen his wife. Silm becomes upset.
  • Get up no big son of a bitch is gonna laugh at me
  • George make him Leave me alone.
  • Get him Lennie get him
  • Carlson chimes into the conversaton. Curley tells Carlson to step outside. Whit also chimes in and says "Glove full of vasaline".
  • He done nothin to you
  • Help me George (Lennie squeezes Curley's hand )
  • George tells Curley that he is elected to fight. Lennie laughs and Curley starts to rage with anger.
  • (Slaps Lennie so he stops crushing Curley's hand )
  • Curley tells Lennie to get up. Curley slashes at Lennie. Lennie starts to cry and he asks George for help.
  • Lennie is getting beat up. Everyone is yelling at Curley to stop. Lennie then looks at George and George tells Lennie to "Get him". Lennie then grabs Curleys hand and crushes it and does not let go.
  • (You would hear a cry from Curley)
  • Lennie still has Curleys hand in his hand and he is still squeezing it. Everyone is in shock. George slaps Lennie to make him stop squeezing Curleys hand. Lennie than says " you told me too George". Curley is than told not to tell anyone what happened to him .
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