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History Story Board
Updated: 9/30/2019
History Story Board
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  • This is unforgivable Britain is not helping us in anyway.The balance of Trade is off
  • We must stop the providing the British with theses materials
  • Yes I do agree but do you think that the salutary neglect of Britain is a fair trade off for these unjust actions
  • The amount of duty that one man must pay is unjustified also we must do something to stop this
  • If you must be leaving make sure you take some of our staple crops because they are in high demand
  • I will be leaving on a ship taking one of the routes in the triangular trade.
  • The colonists find out that the British are taking their materials for nothing.
  • We must take the middle passage before we head to Britain.
  • The colonists are debating whether the situation that they are in is ideal for them or is there no balance of trade.
  • This long voyage has taken many months but I have managed to make a profit through the slaves that I had purchased 
  • One of the colonist is going to Britain to see where the raw materials are going
  • HOME
  • You have finally made it back why did your voyage take so long?
  • The colonist accidentally gets on a ship going to West Africa first.
  • West Africa
  • After the colonist learned that the ship was not heading to Britain he bought slaves to help him make a profit back in the Americas.He also sold the staple crop he brought with him to pay for the slaves.
  • I should start a mutiny
  • And I have escaped paying all the duties
  • The colonist finally made it back but had to explain why he was gone for so long.
  • We had taken the Middle passage instead of going to Britain directly which added many moths to our trip.
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