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Characterization for 6 different characters
Updated: 2/24/2020
Characterization for 6 different characters
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  • Parvana
  • Nooria
  • Mother
  • Parvana is your not typical eleven year old who is brave and a person who always puts family first. She is living in Kaul, Afghan under the rule of the Taliban rule, so she is surrounded by violence, oppression, and poverty. She even loses her father for a point. During this time Parvana shows bravery by not giving up hope and instead trying to upbring a positive attitude and look for father to bring him home. Parvana also agrees to Mrs. Weera and mother to turn her into a boy so that she can go out to the marketplace and make some money. In this moment she shows how she puts family first as she is willing to cut all of her hair and dress as a boy. She even shows bravery because she risks her life as she does have to put on disuge trying to appear as a boy outside when truly she is a woman.
  • Mrs. Weera
  • Nooria is your typical sister - she is bossy, mean and controlling and most of the time you would just want her to tell her to shut up. Everything about Nooria drives Parvana nuts including her superior simile. Nooria says that Parvana just gets in Nooria way and is negative about most everything. Nooria thinks she can do it all and does not want help. Once when Parvana asks Nooria if she needed help and Nooria says that Parvana would be no use and would only get in the way. Nooria even taunts Parvana as she is getting ready to cut her hair and snaps the scissors.
  • Maryam
  • Mother is one resilient woman. Thanks to the Taliban she has lost her son, her career, her house and even for a while her husband. But every time she gets knocked down, she quickly pulls herself back up and keeps fighting harder each time. Mother never gives up and always supports her family. This even when mother finds it difficult to look after her kids because she feels the house is empty and she feels lonely without her husband along her side. Despite all of this nobody can break mother.
  • Shauzia
  • Mrs. Weera is a reliable leader that is a former track star, hockey coach, and Physical Education teacher who lives through a team. Mrs. Weera is a great leader as she believes that no matter what the score, if the players work together, and have a positive attitude they can win. She says that this is true even if the opponent is the Taliban. Mrs. Weera shows she is a great leader by communicating with her players. She tells everyone there specific jobs and how to do them. Not only can she tell others what to do she can do them herself. Mrs. Weera is reliable as Parvana's family is in a tough situation and she steps up to help out the family. Once Mrs. Weera moves in she begins to do her job of writing. Mrs. Weera always keeps a positive attitude and often tells Parvana's family to keep up the team spirit and do their parts.
  • Maryam is a brave, helpful and supportive young girl/sister. Maryam shows bravery as she has to go through losing her father and does not cry or whine about this but instead trying to bring up a positive attitude and shows her family that she is strong. Maryam also shows she can be helpful as she helps Parvana to solve the puzzle of the picture of her father. Also when Parvana is told to fetch the water Maryam offers to help Parava to get the water even when she does not have much energy because she has not eaten due to the minimal amount of food. Maryam is supportive because she is always there for Parvana and helps her by being supportive and getting through life's challenging moments.
  • Shauzia, like Parvana, dresses like a boy to support her family and also becomes the breadwinner. Shauzia is one of Parvana's former classmates in school. In the book Shauzia act's in different ways, she shows bravery, puts family first, but also can be selfish. Shauzia shows she is brave as she puts on a disguise and goes out to the marketplace and earns money for the family. This also shows Shauzia's importance to family and how family is always as she risks her life every day to make enough for her family to eat and survive. On the other hand, Shauzia shows her other side of being selfish as she plans to flee Afgan and go to France. Knowing that there is no other male figure that could work and earn money Shauzia becomes selfish as no one else could go out and make money.
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