midsummer nights dream
Updated: 6/2/2020
midsummer nights dream

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  • Act One
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  • Act Two
  • Act Three
  • i love Helena
  • The Duke of Athens is to be married to the Queen of the Amazons. During the festival, Demetrius and Lysander meet Hermia and fall in love with her. Her father gives her permission to marry Demetrius even though she is in love with Lysander.
  • Act Four
  • Hermia runs away with Lysander but before she does she tells her friend Helena, who is in love with Demetrius, her plan. They all end up running into the woods together.
  • Act Five
  • Puck tries to solve the love triangle but accidentally makes Lysander fall in love with Helena. When he's trying to fix it, he makes Demetrius fall in love with Helena too.
  • Act Six
  • with the men fighting over helena and hermia being mad at helena, puck needs to separate them so they dont kill each other. he puts them all to sleep and casts a spell on them to make it the way it was before.
  • the duke sees the lovers and asks them what happened. he is confused after the story but invites them to be married at his wedding ceremony
  • in the end, everyone was happy and married. puck ends the play by asking the audience to think it was a dream.