Updated: 6/30/2020

Storyboard Description

story of paikea and ruatapu

Storyboard Text

  • There once lived in Haaikiki a cheif called Uenuhu who had 71 sons. But Uenuku had one wife who was a slave and because of this her son Ruatapu was of no importance.
  • One day Uenuku decided to build a great canoe with a tree that fell down and for a long time his men worked hard hollowing and smoothing and carving it.
  • Uenuku brought all his sons and cut there hair into top-knots so they would look well when they sailed. Ruatapu said to his father, ''Are you not going to comb mine as well? Father said no they cannot be used on people with no importance.
  • Ruatapu was ashamed and ran to plan revenge. He went down at night to the canoe and cut a hole in the bottom. then filled it with chips of wood.
  • When they were out of sight of land, Ruatapu pushed away the chips and water rushed into the canoe. All his brothers bailed out and all drowned but Ruatapu swam to save his last brother Paikea that called a whale to return to shore and tell the news.
  • Paikea escaped from Ruatapu and he recited a magic incantation and sent whales but Paikea was too far away and he came to land just before the waves. The waves hit Ruatapu and he drowned with his own magic but Paikea was safe.