Sleepy time
Updated: 12/9/2020
Sleepy time

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  • No way! Tell us everything!
  • Hey guys I figured out why we're so tired on rainy days!
  • The reason we get so tired on rainy days is because of three important things; the hormone melatonin, barometric pressure, and oxygen!
  • The hormone melatonin makes you sleepy at nighttime, but when it's dark outside during the day, like it is on rainy days, then more melatonin is produced during the day causing us to be tired!
  • Barometric pressure causes us to become tired because the less barometric pressure there is, the less oxygen is available in the atmosphere causing us to be more drowsy!
  • So with the combination of all of these things, that is why we are so tired on rainy days!
  • Wow so cool! Thanks for telling us!