English Civil War and Revolution
Updated: 12/22/2020
English Civil War and Revolution

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  • I don't have to work with you!
  • We lost!
  • This isn't what we wanted.
  • After Queen Elizabeth died in 1603 with no heir so James the first became king. James believed in Divine Right of Kings and disagreed with Parliament on issues with money and religion, this led to issues.
  • No Divine Right.
  • After his fathers death Charles the first became king. He believed everything his father did, due to this fact Parliament tried to limit his power but failed. Complaints grew until the start of the civil war, where Parliament under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell, won.
  • You have to take over.
  • After the civil war, Oliver Cromwell set up a military dictatorship and did not work well with Parliament. Oliver ruled until his death in 1658. After his death the army restores England's monarchy.
  • All is well!
  • Charles the second learned from the mistakes of his father and grandfather and does not believe in Divine Right and respected Parliaments authority. He also followed Habeas Corpus Law and Anglicanism. He dies with no heir in 1685.
  • James the second is king, and is openly Catholic. James has a son and Parliament worries that this will start a Catholic monarchy. English nobles encourage William of Orange to invade and take over due to this fact, this causes James and his family to flee to France.
  • After the invasion, William of Orange and his wife Mary take the throne in 1689. William and Parliament lay the foundations for a constitutional monarchy, help create a government based on the rule of law and freely elected Parliament, minimized persecution of religion, and destroyed Divine Right of Kings.
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