sir gawain and the green knight
Updated: 11/7/2018
sir gawain and the green knight
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  • Opening Feast
  • I come in peace oh great King Arthur. I only ask of someone who will join my challenge....
  • The Explanation 
  • you can take the first swing and chop my head off but in one year i get to chop your head off. 
  • i will accept your challenge on be hath of king Arthur. 
  • Face off
  • hello i'm over here. I guess i will be seeing you in a year
  • yes i did it!!!
  • once upon a time, a king and his men were having a feast. they were celebrating the new year when all of a sudden a big green man comes to the hall and comes to find someone to accept his challenge.
  • the adventure begins
  • oh look in the distance.. maybe i can stay there for the night!
  • Sir Gawain offers to face the challenge to prove himself to king Arthur. H wants to show what a strong knight he is.... little does he know that he will face the green knight again. 
  • shelter is found
  • Sir Gawain chopped the head off of the green knight, but he still stood standing and his head began to speak. This would mean that the challenge is not complete and they would face off again in one year
  • the face off pt. 2
  • it has been one year and sir Gawain sets off to find the green knight.He is looking for a place to stay and sees a place in the distance.
  • Sir Gawain made it to the building he had seen in the distance. the lord of the house made a deal that whatever Sir Gawain is given he must also give to the lord. Sadly Sir Gawain was given a green girdle that was told to protect him from harm, so he took it for himself. 
  • you can stay here as long as you give to me anything that is given to you
  • ok
  • Sir Gawain finds the green knight and is ready to face his death. the green knight notices the magic green girdle and confesses to Sir Gawain that he was the Lord who offered him a place to stay. He didn't not kill Sir Gawain because he was loyal but told him to go home and wear the sash as symbol of remembrance.
  • glad to see you kept your word, but i knew you took the green girdle!
  • ummmmm
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