Literature Storyboard 1

Updated: 6/18/2020
Literature Storyboard 1

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  • Albert paid $200 per month to Uncle Reggie's clinic for Ben's braces even when Ben didn't want them.
  • Wait..did u..Don't you EVER go through my drawers again!
  • It was all for you! Your teeth were like mahjong tiles lah!
  • See how many payments you've made to his clinic?
  • Albert gave up in making pratas once, the way he tried didnt work.
  • You know what? I don't remember how to do it!
  • Don't give up, Pa. We're just a little rusty.....
  • That night Ben dreamt of his late mother making pratas. He couldn't see her face. He had forgotten her face.
  • I'm sorry, Ben. I admit that I didn't make pratas with your ma. It was all her. I did nothing
  • It's not your fault, Pa.Sorry for the mess made.
  • Ben, your ma was a real mother. I'm not qualified to be a father. I'm a bad parent. Sorry, Ben.
  • Nonsense, Pa. You are a good father.
  • Ben found Albert's way of making Pratas perfect. Like fairy tales, this story also had an ending where these people were living happily ever after.....
  • You're creeping me out, Pa. You made the pratas?! Wonderful! I'm flabbergasted!
  • I invited your ma to join us...sike! Got you there didn't I! I HAVE perfected your ma's prata!