The Beginning Of Buddhism
Updated: 11/14/2018
The Beginning Of Buddhism
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  • Childhood
  • My son will NOT give up his inheritence. Not after everything I’ve given him!!😡
  • Sees Suffering
  • No!!!! My son is dead!!😭
  • I haven’t eaten in days. 😩
  • Travels
  • I must find out where suffering comes from
  • Because priests had prophesied that siddartha would give up every thing and go teach others instead of becoming a king, his father kept him confined him to the palace. He wasn’t allowed to se suffering. But siddartha was questioning Hinduism and what it meant.
  • Meditating
  • Siddartha snuck out of the palace one day and went to town. He was horrified when he saw all the Suffering. There were sick and hungry people and people mourning over a dead person. He wanted to know why there was Suffering and set out to find the meaning of life and the source of suffering.
  • Enlightenment 
  • Siddartha set of to find the source of suffering. he was determined to do this even if he had to ignore his own suffering. he fasted for many days and did not bathe or keep his body healthy.
  • The Spread Of Buddism
  • I think we can call it BUDDHISM
  • We'll Spread the Word
  • In one town, Siddartha meditated under a tree for seven weeks hoping to find out where suffering comes from.
  • Finally, Siddartha was enlightened. He realized that 1. there will always be suffering, 2. Suffering comes from desire, 3. the way to end suffering is to end desire, and 4. the way to end desire is to follow the 8 fold path. these 4 things later became known as the 4 noble truths. he also came up with the 8 fold path, which had messages such as to not lie, do not steal and more.
  • That's it!!!!! The 4 noble truths and the 8-fold path!!!
  • After his enlightenment, Siddhartha told his followers what he came up with and they spread the word of Siddartha's teachings. His followers started calling him the Buddha, which means the enlightened one. Soon Buddhism spread to China, all across India, Sri Lanka, and many more countries.
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