ch 8 project
Updated: 3/18/2020
ch 8 project

Storyboard Text

  • Maggie's Trip Through TrianglesBy: Keira Ward
  • If I want to get to the festival on time I better finish all my house chores soon! First, I need to get new curtains, but I am not sure what size?
  • If there was a diagonal going through the window that was 5 ft long and the bottom side of the window is 3 ft, using the Pythagorean Theorem the length of the curtain side is √34 or approx. 5.8ft .
  • I've been wanting a new TV. Maybe something smaller, I wonder how long mine is right now!
  • If a diagonal went through the TV it would be 30in and it would create a 45 degree angle opposite the length of the TV. Using sin, the approx. length of the TV is 21.2 inches long.
  • Using sine^-1 I can calculate that the angle is approximately 30 degrees
  • The refrigerator supplier wanted me to calculate the angle opposite the 36 in bottom side of the fridge, if there were a 72 in diagonal across the fridge
  • Finally I can go to the festival!.... Oh wait, I almost forgot to measure the length of the side of my garage so that I can buy a new chain.
  • so if a 20 ft diagonal went across my garage and created a 39 degree degree angle adjacent to the side of my garage, using cos I can calculate that the length is approx. 15.5 ft long
  • THE END!
  • finally, I made it to the festival! Time to have some fun!