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Africa Project
Updated: 3/25/2020
Africa Project
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  • During the Berlin Conference, leaders from different Countries in the world, wanted to colonize the land in Africa. This took place in the late 1800s. The Conference itself took place in 1884 and 1885. In the end, the French and British would own most of Africa. Even though some land was colonized, 80% of Africa was not colonized. During this time, 67% of the languages In Africa was French.
  • Berlin Conference
  • The Rwandan Genocide took place for 100 days in 1994, starting on April 6 when a plane carrying Hutu president, Juvenal Habyarimana was shot down. This resulted in the Hutus automatically assuming that it was the Tutsi's fault and starting to kill the Tutsi's. The genocide stopped on July 4 when the RPF backed the Hutu army into the capital. The Tutsi's and Hutus had been fighting over the power in Rwanda for a long time. In 1959 the Hutus over threw the Tutsi King. The Hutus were not happy though when they signed a peace agreement in 1993 with the Tutsi's.
  • Rwandan Genocide
  • In Cote d' Ivoire in West Central Africa, there were elephants that started to lose their homes. The result of this was that the elephants would be closer to people. By being closer to people, the elephants were destroying crops and unfortunately, 2 people were killed. The elephants had to be moved from Marahoue National Park because of the violence caused due to them being around people. They were moved South to the Majete Wildlife Reserve. It would take 10 hours to get there and cost 250,000 dollars for 1 week transportation. A few years later, efforts were made in order to get the elephants back to the National Park because the population was dropping.
  • Endangered Animals
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