Updated: 10/7/2018
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  • The proclamation of 1763 was an act made by the king that prohibited any colonists to settle in the west of the Appalachian mountains, although people deciced to disobey him.
  • The sugar act lowered taxes but the colonists were offended much by it and questioned why they didn't just get rid of them. They taxed sugar, indigo, coffee, textiles, and wine.
  • This act was directly taxing the American colonists which taxed any type of paper including newspapers, wills, licenses, deeds, and pamphlets
  • The quartering act was was made alowing any British soldiers to enhabit any of the colonists home which was a breacking point for the people of the colonies
  • The Boston Massacre was the reason that the colonists now had a reason to protest and have a valid arguement. What basically happened was, the colonist were throwing stuff at the soldiers like happened commonly, stuff like rocks and other stuff. The soldiers got tired and started shooting at the crowd killing 5 people, some including children and many more injured.
  • The tea party party was the event in which people just striked and went to the boats from the tea companies and started throwing the teas at the ocean
  • The colonist were basically protesting about the taxation and how sick and tired they were because of it, because of the "taxation without representation.
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