Outsiders Storyboard
Updated: 11/6/2020
Outsiders Storyboard

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  • Jonny you are not going to turn yourself in !
  • Dairy Queen
  • I should turn myself in...
  • Dally meets up with Pony and Johnny to inform them of what is happening in town. During the conversation Dally brings up how Cherry is their spy and Johnny says that he wants to turn himself in.
  • No, we are greasers, hoods, JD's. No hero.
  • The boys drive up to the Church only to find out it is on fire! There were some kids inside and Pony wanted to save them.
  • U guys are heroes!
  •  Pony and Johnny gallantly went up to the church and broke the window. Then went through the fire trying to save the children.
  • I missed you so much Ponyboy...
  • Darry really does love me.
  • Pony hastily escaped the burning building, but Dally knocked him out. Johnny and Dally weren't as lucky and burning timber fell on Johnny's back.
  • Pony ends up in an ambulance and a guy called him a hero, but Pony was confused since he didn’t think of himself anything close to a hero.
  • Nervously and quietly, Darry and Soda wait for Pony at the hospital and are relieved to see him again. After, Pony found out how much Darry really loved him.
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