PEC 700 assignment Storyboard
Updated: 4/7/2021
PEC 700 assignment Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 7 : Aidid walk at the town feeling down because not getting the job
  • Arhhh!!! This was a bad day for me. I'm a looser...
  • Scene 8 : Aidid when homes then call his friends say he didn’t get the job
  • Guys I was rejected by the interviewer. I was so anxiety during the interview. I was feeling down...
  • Scene 9 : Kunalan and Shalini try to comfort Aidid by giving a lot of motivation
  • SHALINIAidid don't give up easily. Try to solve your anxiety problem and be positive.
  • KUNALANAidid don't ever lose your hope. There are alot of opportunities to get job. Keep calms and think what is next.
  • AIDIDYa you guys right, I'll need to solve my problems first.
  • After the interview, Aidid feeling down because of his worst anxiety problem. So, he was give up himself after this incident. He walked away from the office to his house.
  • Scene 10 : Kunalan and Shalini recommend the campaign
  • KUNALANAidid I have an idea. A campaign named "Rising Up Youth" would helps you to solve your problems.
  • Aidid call Kunalan and Shalini and shares his interview incident. He was so worried about his life without a job. He shares his feelings with his friends. Later, he said that I give up by himself for today's incident.
  • Scene 11: Aidid go to the campaign
  • Kunalan and Shalini try to give motivation to Aidid for counter his problems. They motivates him to be normal and think for next step. Moreover, Aidid feeling good after he chats with his friends and he try to find new way to get job.
  • Scene 12 : Aidid get the job after attend the campaign
  • While chatting, Kunalan shares a campaign information which is named "Rising Up Youth" for solve his problems. Shalini supports Aidid to join the campaign. Aidid decides to join the campaign.
  • SHALINIYa I heard about the campaign. Sure it will helps you more.
  • AIDIDThank you very much guys. Sure I will attend to the campaign.
  • Later, Aidid joins the campaign and gain more information from that. The trainers train him to become a stronger person. Aidid learnt and prepared to be get job.
  • Next day Aidid get offer form a company. So, he prepared very well to attend the interview. Later, he attend the interview and perform very well without any anxiety. Finally, he got the a new job and succeed in his life.