Non-Democratic REGIMES

Updated: 6/21/2021
Non-Democratic REGIMES

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What causes them.

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  • Modernization
  • But instead, he started taxing us for his new government palace!
  • Our leader promised to fix national problems by increasing modernization!
  • Elites
  • I am the king for I efficiently manage my kingdom's resources. I am king because my father was king.
  • Society
  • NOOO!!!! THere are people of other ethnicities they cannot dictate us! I will control the nation in ways that disadvantages our ethnic rivals just because I can!
  • We need more foreign influence from globalization
  • -modernization can lead to nondemocratic rule with increased inflation or unemployment, weakening economic development and destabilizing political order-a leader might emerge that promises to restore "order"-lack of modernization can also lead to nondem. rule
  • International Relations
  • Everyone shut up! I am in charge of the military therefore I decide what the borders will be!
  • -for rulers, the state becomes a tool to siphon off resources and maintain control-loathe to surrender power because they must give up their assets and may lose their lives in retribution-threat of revolution may make these systems unlikely to provide much participation, competition, or liberty-theory: existence of natural resources is a barrier to modernization and democracy
  • Culture
  • We do whatever our God says. If it is not in the holy book, then it is considered illegal.
  • authoritarian systems are characterized by the absence of civil society-those in power take steps to absorb, monitor or destroy any form of independent action not sanctioned by the state-civil society might be hindered by ethnic or other divisions
  • The End
  • -can contribute to nondemocratic rule, most obviously thru occupation-borders badly drawn by imperial powers led to countries with sharp ethnic and religious divisions that make authoritarianism an effective way for one group to monopolize power over another-foster authoritarianism by contributing to uneven modernization and weak state capacity
  • This is our land get out! That's how it was decided by imperial Britain!!!
  • NO!! It belongs to our tribe! They didn't know a diddlily about us when drawing borders!
  • -some have asserted that Islam views political power and religious power as one and the same; democracy is essentially the anathema to the will of God.-Asian culture stresses conformity, hierarchy, and obedience, which are more conducive to a regime that limits freedom to defend social harmony
  • Why can't I be gay in public?