Leadership storyboard

Updated: 2/9/2021
Leadership storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Here's your coffee! Today is the day I ask Mr. Reed for a promotion and I am so nervous
  • Don't be! He would be crazy not to give you a promotion you're the best writer I know! Now go you got this
  • Good Morning Mr. Reed! I know I'm just an assistant but I have always loved writing and was wondering if I could try to write a column for the paper?
  • Wait you're kidding right? You're way too young to handle the responsibility not to mention you aren't smart enough. Now do what you do best and get me a coffee
  • I can't believe he said that to me. Wait what's this an ad for a short story contest? Winner gets an internship to be a writer? I'll show him that I'm a great writer
  • Finally done with the story. Now time to send it to the company and wait for a response
  • Hello? Yes this is she. You loved my story and you want to meet with me? Yes I would love to we can meet tomorrow. Sounds great I'll see you then.
  • The only reason you're giving me this position is so I don't quit and it's too late for that. I'm done with this company
  • I made a huge mistake not giving you that promotion when you asked for it. I am so sorry the position is yours