Kyahri Story board The Cellar
Updated: 11/25/2019
Kyahri Story board The Cellar

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  • You are Lily
  • No! Your Lily!
  • Lily?
  • I'm Summer.You have the wrong person
  • No sorry i'm not lily
  • I'm so, so sorry Lily. You should forget about him, its easier,
  • I-I wanna go home. I want Lewis.
  • We're to call him clover. You do everything we tell you okay? You're Lily now. Summer doesn't exist anymore
  • Summer is going down a short cut to Rachel's house through the woods. So her and her friend split up to look for Rachel after she ran away after an argument with her boyfriend but tuns into a tall dark-haired man with a satisfied grin on his face . He was looking for a Lily but would not listen to summer and kidnapped her .
  • No, Please Clover i'm sorry! You're right, i am SO SORRY! We are a family and I forgot that for a second. Please forgive me for what i said. I should have never doubted you . All you do is take care and you saved us. If it wasn't for you we would be dead somewhere . IM SO SORRY CLOVER GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANGE!
  • The man took her threw her in the back of the van started the engine and drove off.
  • I've already given you a second chance, which is something i don't offer lightly. There's no third chances. GOODBYE VIOLET!
  • As soon as they reach the cellar. There was 3 other girls they came up to lily trying to calm her down. They took her to the couch and explained what is/was going to happen. The 3 unknown girl introduced themselves as Rosa , Poppy and Violet.
  • We don't know we took care of them like you asked
  • Violet confronted Clover about taking Lily because she was SO young and she also told him they were not his family & he almost stabs her but, after he pulls the knife out Violet apologies . After she do that he face soften and he was fine again.
  • After four days Lily and Violet talk about escaping. Violet couldn't take it no more! The plan back fired and Clover killed Violet in front of the other girls. The other girls cleaned up the blood Lily sat there in shocked
  • After witnessing another murder poppy get slapped with dead flowers. Well he smacks each of them and they cheeks are now swell.