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Athena and Arachne
Updated: 12/4/2018
Athena and Arachne
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  • I'm a better weaver than Athena!
  • “Athena, the great goddess, has given you an amazing gift,
  • Who does Arachne think she is?
  • You should ask Athena for forgiveness.
  • Arachne was a beautiful, talented weaver who lived in Greece. People traveled from all around to see her wove.
  • Forgiveness? I speak the truth and if Athena disagrees, she can come to challenge me herself.
  • The villagers often compared Arachne to Athena. Athena was the goddess of wisdom and crafts. Arachne had something the Greeks called hubris.
  • Athena was angry with Arachne claims. So she pretended to be an old lady to warn Arachne.
  • No matter how skilled people are, they are never any match for the gods
  • Athena filled with rage came out of her disguise and challenged Arachne to a weaving contest.
  • Everyone gathered to watch Athen vs Arachne. Athena wove beautiful images of the gods and goddesses doing heroic deeds. Arachne wove the gods and goddesses as well except in the pictures they were drunk fools.
  • Athena didn't like that, so she started beating Arachne with a stick. She then turned her into a spider and Arachne became the first spider.
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