Is too much screen time harmful for teens
Updated: 12/18/2019
Is too much screen time harmful for teens
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  • I think you should have limited screen time.
  • Although some screen time is good, for example learning. Too much screen time could lead to chronic neck, back issues, or even vision problems.
  • No!
  • Carewell urgent care, studies has found too much screen time "Poor posture when using screens combined with can cause chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain."
  • Too much screen time could also result in poor sleep, HMS researchers have shown " using blue light-emitting screen devices like smartphones before bedtime can disrupt sleep patterns by suppressing secretion of the hormone melatonin." Also stating "A good night’s sleep is also key to brain development"
  • Too much screen time leads to lack of social skills. Mindd Foundation states, "Speaking of stimulation, longer screen time gives little to no room for communication and social skills. Obviously, they are stuck for 2 hours or more sitting on the couch with all the images and suggestions directly implanted into their minds without their participation. This is known as “viewer passivity”.
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