the chrysalids- option1
Updated: 5/13/2020
the chrysalids- option1
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  • David it's Rosalind. Please respond to my think-pictures! I need to tell you something.
  • David, Petra are you guys okay? I heard Petra's overwhelming think-pictures
  • A day later
  • David?
  • I promise.
  • I spoke to my uncle Axel, he said we need to keep our think-pictures a secret. Promise me you won't tell anyone
  • Rosalind?
  • She was my friend who had 6 toes but because of her mutation she had to run away. Sadly, she didn't make it far before she was caught.
  • A couple days later
  • Hi all, I need to tell you about Sophie
  • Who's Sophie
  • *high pitch noise*
  • A couple of years later
  • I'm okay but Petra was in the water but couldn't swim. I didn't know she could communicate by think-pictures. It was probably an accident
  • David please tell your sister to turn it down. She's thinking way too loud
  • The first day of Petra's telepathic training
  • She did it! Now I'lll send her something
  • *a picture of a fish appears*
  • "Petra, David and I have to run away.
  • Where are you David?! People want to kill us for being mutants and you're late to leave town. Hurry up!
  • I'll be there soon. Petra and I are very close.
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