The Odyssey Analysis
Updated: 2/2/2021
The Odyssey Analysis

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  • Intro
  • Leadership Traits
  • Example 1
  • Since the beginning of Odysseus's story, he had displayed good leadership skills. In this scene, he is leading his group of men to explore a new island that they had discovered.
  • Example 2
  • The first leadership trait he shown was bravery and cunningness. Even when the cyclops was slaughtering some of his men, Odysseus still had hope and outsmarted him. Him and his men had finally escaped because of his plan.
  • Example 3
  • The scene of him going to the home of Circe also had him displaying a leadership trait. He had to negotiate with Circe to get what him and his men needed. Even though he had to risk the lives of a few of his men, he got what he needed in the end.
  • Conclusion
  • Another example of a leadership trait is during the scene of the sirens. He helped his men by advising them of the sirens and telling them what they needed to do in order to stay alive. He got his men to work together and resist against the sirens.
  • The last example of his leadership skills is in the scene of him returning home. He disguised himself to enter back in the city and get back to his wife. He shown strength by winning the archery contest, which is how he proved himself worthy.
  • In the end, he got what he wanted and what he needed to be fulfilled. He achieved this through having good leadership skills and using them to his advantage, while also helping his men by leading them.