My Successful Life
Updated: 2/17/2021
My Successful Life

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  • Hi, I am Chico from today and I am graduate of senior high school.
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  • Hi, I am Chico 1 year from now. I am studying to be a medical technologist in a famous medical school.
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  • Hi, I am Chico 4 years from now. I graduated from college and soon to be a licensed medical technologist
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  • Hi, I am Chico 7 years from now. I am currently working as a medical technologist in a well-known hospital.
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  • Hi, I am Chico 12 years from now. I am already financially stable right now.
  • I bought a house for me, my wife and for our soon to be family.
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  • Hi, I am Chico 20 years from now. I already have 2 children. I have a wonderful family.