english peta
Updated: 12/20/2020
english peta

Storyboard Text

  • Heal our city! Heal people who are sick!
  • Help everyone who is sick.
  • Clyden: We should protect our own, not to disrespect it. If you’re city isn’t this disaster, isn’t fun living in the normal day and not suffering?
  • Hiro: Look, you’re suffering because you’re city is full of trashes. Did you learn a Lesson?
  • Elyse: protecting your city is the best way to live normally, am I wrong?
  • Sevi: Okay look, I’m so sorry, I didn’t listened. I thought it was just a joke, but it’s not. Yes Hiro, I learned a lesson and that is you should protect your own before it’s too late. Sorry guys, I promise that if I’m done suffering in this illness, I will protect and influenced other people to take our city.
  • a year has passed, Sevi and the community are now safe from the virus but some of the people died because of it.
  • Sevi: yes, what a beautiful city this is. So clean, so fresh air. C’mon people let’s clean and protect out city and live normally.
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