6 amendments
Updated: 12/11/2020
6 amendments

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  • I believe in this:
  • I agree!
  • I have a license! Dont worry!
  • Hello Sir. Do you have a license for that gun?
  • Can I stay here?
  • Sure thing! Follow me!
  • The first amendment, "freedom of speech", is important because citizens need to have the right of speaking freely but also have limitations. Citizens can have open-minded discussions about their opinions.
  • I would like permission to search _______ because ______.
  • The second amendment, "the right to bear guns", is important because it is used for citizens to protect themselves. You can carry a gun with you if you get a license and use it properly.
  • I want to buy this property but I need permission from the owner first...
  • The third amendment is important because it protects citizens from being forced to hold soldiers in their homes. They can choose during times in and out of war.
  • Lets have a quick trial. We can solve this.
  • The fourth amendment is important because it protects citizens from people searching your house without a warrant. A member of the police force can’t search you or your things without getting a warrant from a judge.
  • The fifth amendment is important because life,liberty and property can’t be taken from you. Which basically means that someone can’t buy your property, take your life, or take your liberty.
  • The sixth amendment is important because it gives every person ever charged of any crime the right to have a speedy trial. Most someone going to jail charged for crimes.
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