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Chapter Activity 4
Updated: 9/21/2019
Chapter Activity 4
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  • The Structure of the Neuron and how they Work!
  • The Nervous System is what helps us sense things around us, like picking up that cookie!
  • Neurons are nerve cells that send "messages" all over the body, and they are the building block for the nervous system!
  • Nucleus
  • The cell body consists of: Cytoplasms and a nucleus
  • Dendrites
  • Cell body(Soma)
  • The axon is covered by fatty cells called the myelin sheath, and the axon terminal make connections to target cells.
  • Axon
  • Myelin Sheath
  • The dendrites are an extension of the neuron, and receive messages from other cells
  • axon terminal
  • 3. Combine incoming signals
  • 1. Receive signals
  • 2. Communicate to other neuron cells
  • Example: That stove is hot!
  • The Basic Functions of Neurons
  • Example: How we can walk and then start to run.
  • Example: "Oooh, it's late at night...I'm tired"
  • Neurons help us send signals with everything we do, like playing soccer with our teammates.
  • Grab a partner and sit across from each other. Take turns tapping each others' knees with the reflex probe. Notice that your knee moves when you tap it? That is all the neurons working inside your body sending signals; all the way from your brain to your knee!
  • The Knee-jerk Reflex
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