Everything Everything
Updated: 1/24/2020
Everything Everything
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  • In Everything Everything, Madeline learns that she has bubble baby disease," a fatal disease. She is allergic to outside life." Her disease is very complicated. Madeline can't leave her house and spends her birthday inside, but all she wanted to do for her birthday was to go outside. Madeline has to continually get checked by her nurse Carla to make sure she is doing ok and not going out.
  • I know but you have to, you will get very sick if you go outside
  • I wish I didn't have to stay inside on my birthday
  • Madeline sees a boy through her window that she starts to communicate with. They begin by email, but eventually, Carla arranges them to meet, and she falls in love with him. Madeline's mom doesn't know that Carla allowed this. Maddy and Olly share their first kiss. Maddy realizes that Olly and his father have some issues. Maddy saw Olly getting beat up by his father and ran outside to help him. Olly made sure Maddy went back in, and her mother asked her why she ran out for someone she didn't know.
  • Hi Olly! I know, even though this is our first time meeting I feel like I have known you forever.
  • Hi Maddy, Im Olly, its so nice to finally meet you in person
  • Maddy's mom fires Carla because she found out that she was the one who arranged her plans with Olly. Maddy's mom got her a new nurse named Janet. Janet was very strict and didn't let Maddy ever see Olly. Maddy felt like she couldn't take this and had to break away. Maddy ran outside because she didn't know how she was supposed to live inside her hole life. She books plane tickets to go to Hawaii with Olly.
  • Im Sorry, I know I should have done this. I thought it was the only thing that would make her happy. I should probably backup now though.
  • I'm so upset that Carla is fired. But i know this is for the better.
  • Carla! how could you ever let her do this. I though you loves her. Your Fired
  • Maddy runs away to Hawaii with Olly, and she goes outside. She has a lot of contact with the outdoors and other people and realizes nothing is happening. She showed a lor of affection toward him
  • I honestly love it here. I never want to go home. I hope my mom doesn't find me.
  • maybe I should get her home.
  • Maddy's heart stops, and she is rushed to the hospital. She has everyone thinking it was because she went outside. Her mother rushes to the hospital and makes sure Olly leaves her and stays away from her. Maddy later comes home from the hospital and goes back to the old life she lives. She tries to forget about what happened with Olly, so she logs out of her email messaging with him. Carla comes back to comfort Maddy from everything that's been going on, and Olly moves away to New York.
  • Her heart stopped! I think it may of been her immune system. Oh no!
  • Later on, Maddy receives an email from the Maui doctor telling her that she didn't have SCID, and she just had a weak immune system. Maddy decided to go to her mom's office to check her paperwork from when she was born and found out nothing was actually ever wrong. Maddy avoided her mother and stopped talking to her forever. Maddy booked a plane ticket to see Olly and the finally meet again and reconnect. 
  • I hate you! I never want to see you again. i am going to book plane tickets to see Olly. I knew nothing was wrong with me
  • I'm sorry. I was just scared to ever lose you. Please don't go.
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