CReation Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
CReation Story
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  • There had been nothing, no earth and no heaven only water a god named Mooshie a goddess named Aiko and an unknown weirdly shaped creature with the name of Timulo. One day it was to dark so Mooshie created the sun that dried up the water creating land.
  • Timulo was walking on the land to get some water and he noticed Mooshie and Aiko walking around by the water. Timulo wanted something to eat because he has been drinking only water for almost his whole life.
  • That night Timulo went on a walk as the sun went down. Thinking about ways to destroy Aiko and Mooshie. When he had finally come up with the perfect way to accomplish that job he went to sleep and was going to proceed with his plan the next day.
  • Timulo knew that Aiko and Mooshie were going to walk by the water the next morning so he started to follow them. When they weren't paying attention Timulo created a storm and struck it up into the air causing it to rain heavily.
  • As Mooshie and Aiko tried to run the lightning struck right in front of them. They started to run again and the lightning struck right at them but Aiko blocked the lightning from hitting them with as much force and power as Aiko let go it struck back and hit Timulo killing him.
  • Mooshie and Aiko decided to use Timulo's body parts to make up the land so they wouldn't be alone. They used his body parts to make humans, animals, and somewhere to live. Mooshie and Timulo were finally happy that they weren't alone anymore.
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