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Wack Cell Theory Part 3
Updated: 9/2/2020
Wack Cell Theory Part 3
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  • Invented the compound light microscope! First scientist to observe cells and give them their name!
  • Robert Hooke
  • Made many interesting findings! He made simple microscopes after seeing Robert Hooke's in a book! One was on his teeth. He looked at the plague on his teeth! Robert Hooke looked at a piece of cork under a microscope and saw tiny boxes that reminded him of tiny rooms or cells that monks lived in. So he named them cells.
  • Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
  • Schleiden was one out of the three scientists who were working on cells at about the same time. Together these three works would be known as the cell theory. Schleiden worked with plant cells. They discovered that plant cells and animal cells were both made of cells.
  • Matthias Schleiden
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