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Updated: 10/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Around one fourth of Britain's army in North America sailed to Quebec on September 13, 1759. It was dark out so the French couldn't see them. They spoke French and without a doubt, the guards on the mountain let them in.
  • The British climbed the 53 foot cliff. They knew that if they caught the French off guard, they could easily take over Quebec (Frances' capital in North America).
  • When they finished the climb, they arranged their battle rows and waited for the French to come.
  • General Montcalm knew that if the British took over Quebec, the French would no longer have any control over North America.
  • The British are on the Plains of Abraham. They're waiting for us!
  • How could they have gotten in!
  • General Montcalm rushed his men into battle. He didn't wait for his returning troops. The battle was hopeless, the French were outnumbered and their guerilla warfare didn't do them so well in the open plains.
  • CHARGE!!