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K Fitness- A fitness and wellness magazine
Updated: 10/3/2020
K Fitness- A fitness and wellness magazine
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  • Module 4: Selecting Physical Activities
  • This includes:Physical components you want to improveActivities you enjoyActivities to help manage stressSports skills you haveWhether you want to work independantly or with a teamWhere you can do the activitySpecial equipment or facilities neededHealth concernsWhat the environment is likeCost of activity
  • When selecting a physical activity, there are multiple factors we want to keep in mind.
  • Selecting Physical Activities
  • Heat Cramps:Symptoms include rapid heart rate, clammy skin, chills, unable to quench thirst, and a nauseous feeling. Drink cold water, move to a cooler room, and remove some clothing if you experience these symptoms.
  • It's important to think about the weather or environment you're going to be in when engaging in physical activity. If you don't, you could end up putting yourself in dangerous situations.
  • Heat Exaustion:Symptoms include feeling dizzy/lightheaded, sweating uncontrollably, difficulty breathing, headache, fatigue, and rapid pulse rate. It's important to slowly drink water and move to a cool environment, as well as removing damp clothes and taking a cold shower.
  • Weather Considerations
  • Heat Stroke:Symptoms include high body temperature but dry skin, irritability, unable to maintain balance, swollen tongue, vision/hearing issues, and lack of perspiration/urine. If experiencing heat stroke, call 911 immediately. Until then, cool down with ice packs and a cold shower, removing clothing and using rubbing alcohol if you cannot take a shower.
  • Cold Weather:2 major problems with cold weather is hypothermia and frostbite. Wearing water/wind resistant clothing can help to protect against wet clothing and loss of body heat. Wearing clothes in layers is helpful, since you can add/reduce them as needed. Make removal easy in case overheating occurs. Overheating causes perspiration, which causes wet clothes. If you think you hvae hypothermia or frostbite, move inside immediately and call 911.
  • Weather Considerations
  • One of the most important aspects of physical activity is to watch your caloric balance. A caloric balance is the ratio of calories you burn in a day to the number of calories you take in during a day. If you take more calories in then you lose, you will gain weight. If you lose more calories than you gain, then you will lose weight. Calories can be burned from keeping your body alive (basal metabolic rate) and from engaging in physical activity. Metabolism is when your body takes calories and turns them into energy. It's important to keep everything in moderation. You don't want to harm your body.
  • Caloric Balance
  • Make sure you're doing physical activity that you enjoy. It won't be the same for everyone, so think about what makes you happiest while also considering the cost, environment, and supplies needed. Weather plays a big part in exercising, so make sure you're paying attention to what your body is telling you. If it seems off, take a break and let your body rest. Caloric balance is also important to a healthy body. More calories, less burn=Gaining weight. Less calories, more burn=Losing weight. However, make sure you do it safely so you don't injure your body.
  • In Conclusion...
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