Romeo and Juliet act 3
Updated: 2/14/2020
Romeo and Juliet act 3

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  • In this scene Tybalt wants to duel Romeo because he thinks hes a villain, but Romeo doesn't want to fight. Mercutio offers to fight for Romeo but he holds him back because he doesn't want him to get hurt. Tybalt ends up stabbing and killing Mercutio as he fleas the scene.
  • Romeo is deeply upset about Mercutio's death so he went back to avenge him and fight Tybalt. Romeo then stabs and kills him. The King and Prince exile Romeo from Verona for fighting.
  • The Nurse goes and tells Juliet that Tybalt is dead and Romeo is the one who killed him. She explains to her that Romeo will be banishes from Verona forever. Juliet tells the Nurse she needs to see him right away.
  • Romeo meets with Friar, to talk about what hes done. Nurse comes and tells Romeo that Juliet wants to see him. Romeo wants to kill himself because he doesn't want to hurt Juliet by leaving Verona.Friar and Nurse talk him out of it and he goes to Juliet.
  • Romeo and Juliet wonder if they will ever meet again. They don't have much time to talk because Lady Capulet walks in and Romeo runs away.
  • Juliet and her parents argue about how they will force her to marry Paris or they will disown her but, shes in love with Romeo. The argument gets very intense then Nurse defends Juliet but gets yelled at by Lord Capulet. Nurse then Tells her she should marry Paris and Juliet pretends to agree.